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Activities for kids Aruba


On popular demand below a list of activities for kids on Aruba. If you like to shop you are welcome to visit the Kiekebooh! Store :-)

Go to the beach
Philips Animal Garden

Windsurf lessons
Surfing wave
Donkey sanctuary
Butterfly farm
Bee keeping experience
Go to the cinemas
Go to the drive in
Go to the top of mount hooiberg
Visit rock formations
Visit and help out the animal shelter
Ostrich farm aruba
Palm island
Hooiberg waterpark
Splash water park
Visit Arikok National Park
Kayak tour
Horse back riding

Snorkel at Boca Catalina or Arashi Rent gear if you don't have it
Go fishing. Bottom fishing better for kids Many boats available in the harbour in Oranjestad. Ask in the afternoon when the boats are in the dock. You can also ask your concierge at the hotel.
Older kids spa day mom and daughter
Escape room aruba
Feed the fish and iguanas at the dock near the windcreek casina  No website available :-) Just bring some bread and lettuce.
Have ice cream at the Marriot hotel Very good icecream in the lobby of the hotel. Sit and relax in the lobby
Have ice cream on the pier of bugaloo Gelatissimo ice cream sit and relax on the pier.
Family diner at Benihana Nice way to eat together good food and some activities depending on the cook.
Game room on the 3th floor of palm beach plaza nice for kids, but parents can sit and have some coffee in nice cafe attached to game room.
Go to neptali park for smaller kids to play
Walk, Jog And Exercise Early morning or evening
Walk or Jog the boardwalk from Fishermans huts to Malmok Easy walk along the beach. Early morning or evening.
Go to the california lighthouse
Visit the seroe colorado lighthouse and enjoy the rough nature around
Tour at Aruba Aloe
Book a tour of the island
Visit cosecha and join a workshop
City tour of the mural paintings San Nicolas