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Measure children's feet and baby feet in 4 steps

Determine your child's shoe size at home. The correct shoe size depends on the length of the child's foot in centimeters. You can measure the children's feet to find the right shoe size. This is easiest with a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.

Measuring the step-by-step plan for children's and baby feet:

  1. Make sure your baby or child is standing upright with their feet on a piece of paper.
  2. Draw the outline of the foot. Only a stripe at the top of the big toe and at the heel may also be sufficient.
  3. Then measure the distance from the heel to the tip of the big toe. This distance is the length of the foot.
  4. Based on this length you can determine the correct children's shoe size.

It may seem impossible to measure the ever-moving baby feet or children's feet. Still, there are a number of tips that make this job so done:

  • The child must be upright to measure the feet properly. As soon as they are upright, the feet become a bit bigger.
  • Gently press the foot a little flat on the paper with your hand. This way you can measure the foot a little better.
  • Measure baby feet? Make sure you are with two people. One can hold the baby upright and the other can mark the feet.
  • Always measure both feet. Feet are never exactly the same size. When choosing the right shoe size, always keep the largest foot.

Determine children's shoe size
Now that you have the length of the children's feet, you can choose the right shoe size. In the table you will find the correct children's shoe sizes.

When you buy closes shoes:

  • Allow for a growing space of about 1 to 1.3 cm. Children's feet need the space to move their feet and to grow. Therefore, add about 13 millimeters to the length of the foot. Then you come to the right length for the shoe size.
  • Do the thumb test. Are you unsure whether you have correctly measured the children's feet? Have your child slide the feet all the way back into the new shoes. Then press the toe of the shoe with your thumb. There should be about an cm of space in the front of the shoes. Is not this the case? Then you have the wrong shoe size.
  • Children do not always go through all shoe sizes. It may be that your child skips a shoe size. So do not just choose a size larger than the current shoe size, but always measure children's feet!

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