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Wrapper Swaddle Uni Light Pink (0-3 months)
Wrapper Swaddle Uni Light Pink (0-3 months)
Wrapper Swaddle Uni Light Pink (0-3 months)

Wrapper Swaddle Uni Light Pink (0-3 months)

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With this swaddling cloth you can safely swaddle your little one and nothing is nicer than that for your newborn baby. This is how he or she falls asleep comfortably. This swaddling cloth is therefore a real must-have for your baby.

The swaddle creates the secure feeling of the uterus, making your little one calm and relaxed. As a result, he or she also learns to fall asleep better on their own. In addition, small babies are not yet aware that they have arms, so they often wake themselves up unnecessarily. That is also a thing of the past when you opt for swaddling.

The SwaddleMeyco is made of 100% cotton, so your child enjoys wonderfully soft sleeping comfort, good ventilation and moisture absorption. 

Until when can you swaddle your baby?
Most babies like to be swaddled until about 3 to 4 months, but this can of course vary per child. Once he or she can roll over, usually around 6 or 7 months, you should stop swaddling your little one. This can hinder rolling back, because he or she cannot use the arms himself, which can be unnecessarily dangerous. So always try to phase out the swaddling in time.

Maat 0-3 maanden voor baby’s van 3,5 tot 6,5 kg en een lengte van 50 tot 62 cm

Place your baby with the shoulders level with the top of the swaddle. Place the legs in the footmuff.
Fold the left flap snugly around your baby's body and arms. Attach both Velcro parts to each other.
Fold the right flap over the left flap and attach the two Velcro fasteners to the Velcro part of the left flap.
Make sure you fasten the flaps tight, but don't tie your baby all the way in. It is best to leave the arms stretched along the sides of the body and always lay your baby on his or her back when swaddling.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Gives your baby a safe and secure feeling
  • Helps to fall asleep independently
  • 100% cotton for soft comfort, good ventilation and moisture absorption