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Gua Sha Massage Gemstone Jade
Gua Sha Massage Gemstone Jade
Gua Sha Massage Gemstone Jade
Gua Sha Massage Gemstone Jade

Gua Sha Massage Gemstone Jade

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Beauty alert! In case you haven't noticed: the Gua Sha stone is extremely popular in beauty land. Why? By applying the right massage techniques to the skin, your face gets tighter contours, a more youthful appearance and that famous glow. By moving over the skin with a 'scraping' movement, the technique helps to remove waste products through your lymphatic system and stimulate blood flow in your skin. Your skin relaxes and stimulates cell renewal, which tightens your facial contours and gives your skin a beautiful glow.

  • Green Gua Sha massage stone, gemstone Jade.
  • The stone helps to remove waste products through your lymphatic system & stimulates the blood circulation in your skin.
  • It relaxes your skin and stimulates cell renewal for a beautiful glow.
  • Material: gemstone

What does Guasha do?
You may have missed it, but Gua sha is becoming more and more popular in beauty land. The guasha stone has also become a real must-have. Gua sha is a traditional medical treatment from China and has been used for centuries. A guasha massage is all about scraping the skin with a smoothly sharpened tool. Before the therapist gets to work with this guasha scraper, the skin is first rubbed with a special oil. 

Below is a list of what a Guasha stone can do for you:
1. It improves circulation and promotes tight/smooth skin
Guasha is the tool if you want to improve blood circulation in your face. You prevent inflammation (pimples), get a healthy glow and good blood circulation also has a positive influence on the skin aging process.

2. Helps relax muscles
Scraping guasha over your skin has a relaxing effect. That's because the movement you make with the gua sha stone breaks down the muscle tissue. This allows your blood to flow better and your muscles relax.

3. Make puffiness disappear in your face
Sometimes you may wake up with fluid buildup in your face. Massaging the skin helps drain the moisture from your face. A guasha is the best tool to get all that moisture away quickly and efficiently. This will remove all puffiness from your face!

The Guasha relaxes your skin and stimulates cell renewal, tightening your facial contours and giving your skin a fantastic glow. And of course we all want that!

How do you use the Guasha stone?
To get such beautiful skin, you can apply the Gua Sha facial treatment in your beauty routine. The basic technique revolves around an upward movement with light pressure. Place the flat side of the stone on your face at a 45-degree angle and move the stone up and out from the center of your face in smooth motions. Applying an oil makes the process a bit easier.

Cleaning Guasha
Are you done with your guasha massage? Then clean the stone with a mild detergent and warm water. Then dry the stone well. Make sure you not only clean the stone after the treatment, but also before the treatment. Just before you start using the gua sha, it is important to ensure that there are no bacteria on the stone.

Extra tips guasha stone
1. Attention! Do not use the guasha scraper if you have a rash or eczema or if you have been burned, because the friction on your face can cause more irritation.
2. Drink a lot of water after using the guasha stone, this is important to actually remove the waste.
3. Always use the stone gently during the guasha massage to avoid scratching your face.