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Candle Fiesta

Candle Fiesta

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At Rustik Lys we think giving presents is even more fun than receiving presents. That's why we developed the By Kimmi Gift Collection, to give as a gift to someone else (or yourself). White pillar candle with festive text print , the fiesta candle is one of the fun hip designs from their gift collection.

Size 6 x 10 cm
Burn time: 32 hours

Besides the fact that these candles from the Scandinavian brand Rustik lys are very beautiful, they are also made with an eye for people and the environment! The candles are still largely made in the traditional way and partly by hand. The candles are of high quality and are produced in a fair way.

And also nice, Rustik lys guarantees:

  • burns longer
  • burns clean (do not smoke and splash)
  • do not discolor quickly